1.	Answer two (2) of five questions. (Can you answer the question 3 and you can choose the other question to answer, please? Many thanks!) 
2.	The word count for each question should be 750 +- 10%.
3.	This is an APA style essay. Provide at least 2 references. 
Thank you very much!!! 

1.	If the shareholders of your company complained that you and your co-managers have been spending too much time focusing on sustainability objectives, what would you tell them?

2.	The following is the Vision Statement of  ‘Company X’ which sells top quality computers to the general public:

‘The purpose of Company X is to earn money for its shareholders and increase the value of their investment. We will do that through growing the company, controlling assets and properly structuring the balance sheet, thereby increasing EPS, cash flow, and return on invested capital.’

A)	Critically analyse the vision statement identifying the problem areas, and describe in detail how it can be improved.  (40 marks)
B)	Why is it important for an organisation to have a good vision statement?  (10 marks)

3.	Choose 2 organisations, the first organisation pursuing a strategy based on differentiation, the second organisation pursuing a strategy based on cost leadership.  Making extensive use of examples and the value chain concept compare and contrast the approaches of these two companies in their pursuit of a source of competitive advantage (KFC, McDonald, Hungry Jack, Red Roster, Domino Pizza or Subway in Australia). 

4.	Related Diversification provides the opportunity to benefit from a competitively valuable strategic fit. Choose two organisations in different industries,  with similar value chainsand the same generic strategy  (for example Coles and Bunnings) and answer the following:

A)	Briefly describe the value chain activities of both organisations.  ( 10 marks ) 
B)	Using the value chain concept andextensive use of examples, explain why a related diversification strategy involving your two choices has the potential to improve the competitive position of the combined organisations.  (40 marks)

5.	Strategy execution (implementation) has often been described as the most difficult phase of the strategic management process.  Explain making good use of examples why the strategy execution process can be a very difficult phase in the pursuit of the organisations strategy.