ACC 206 – Research Project-Liabilities

Subject: Business / Accounting

ACC 206 – Research Project: Liabilities
Due: April 6, 2017 (Thursday) in class
This assignment is to be completed and submitted hardcopy in class by April 6, 2017 (Thursday).
It should be an “individual effort” – you are not to work with other students to complete this
project. No assignments will be accepted by email.
Please obtain from Johnson and Johnson’s website or the SEC’s Edgar site J&J’s 2016 Annual
Report (10-K) which was recently filed with the SEC on Feb. 27, 2017. Use the 2016
Consolidated Financial Statements and the accompanying Notes to answer the following
questions. Please also provide the page numbers of the annual report where you find the
4. What amounts of total current and long-term liabilities were reported on the balance sheet?
By account balance, what were the top three current liabilities accounts and their balances?
What was the amount of current maturities of long-term debt as of 12/31/2016?
Of all the bonds (debentures) issued, was there any issuance at discount or premium? If so,
how many for each type?
5. What are the aggregate maturity amounts of the long-term obligations for each of the next
five years, commencing in 2017?
6. What were the general categories of legal proceedings that J&J made disclosures of in the
footnote? Did J&J accrue any loss contingencies in 2016?
7. J&J indicated that it has the ability to meet business requirements in the foreseeable future.
Use ratio analyses to comment on its liquidity and solvency. To support your assessment,
provide two ratios each for liquidity and solvency. Show the numbers used.

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