A voltaic cell is constructed from two half-cells: silver wire dipped in 50 ml AgNO3 (aq) of unknown concentration and nickel wire dipped in 50.0ml .400 M Ni(NO3)2 (aq). The measured voltage when first connected is 1.10 V. 
a) Determine the concentration of aqueous silver nitrate solution from standard reduction potentials of silver, .7994V, and nickel, -.25V.
b)If a steady .100 A current were observed passing through the circuit for 110 seconds, what would the expected mass increase of silver wire (108g/mol)? Are sufficient silver ions present in the solution to achieve this mass increase?
c) How much time would you need to pass for the measured voltage to drop to 1.00 V with a steady .100A current passing through the circuit?