9) A Matamoros native, I became a legend after I killed the Karnes County sheriff who shot my brother while investigating a horse theft in 1901. I fled for Mexico but was captured, tried and convicted. A folk song telling my story became very popular along the Texas-Mexico border. Who am I?

10) What do they call this type of romantic ballad that celebrates Hispanic history and culture along the Texas–Mexico border?

11) My story was told in the 1958 book, With His Pistol in His Hand, which was actually the doctoral dissertation of what Brownsville-born folklorist and author?

12) It was told again in a 1983 movie in which I was portrayed by an actor who, five years later, became the first America-born Hispanic to be nominated for an Academy Award. Who is that Mexican-American actor? 

Additional Requirements 
Min Pages: 1 
Max Pages: 2 
Level of Detail: Only answer needed 
Other Requirements: This is Mexican American history.