Estate Planning illustration w/ 20 scenario

 I have attached an Estate Planning illustration that has 20 questions that need to be answered from the illustration.  I need to have justification on why the chosen answers were chosen because I need to justify them in a “memo to a supervisor” as the second part of this project, as per these requirements for the second part:

After taking the Estate Plan Exam you will analyze your answers to the 10 questions you were asked during the exam. You will write a memo to your “supervisor” explaining your choices for the estate plan for Kathi and Darren. In this memo you must explain your rationale for choosing the answers that you chose during the Estate Plan Exam. If you missed a question during the exam you may explain why you originally thought that your submitted answer was the correct answer, and then provide an explanation of the real, correct answer. This memo should be 10–12 pages, double spaced, and should conform to proper formatting, spelling, grammar, and APA guidelines.