relationship between employee behavior and organizational performance

38. Which of the following focuses on the relationship between employee behavior and organizational performance?

A. Organizational structure B. Organizational change C. Organizational innovation D. Organizational development

39. Regarding service characteristics, which of the following is often difficult to illustrate, demonstrate, or display?

A. Fluctuating demand B. Intangibility C. Inseparability D. Highly differentiated marketing systems

40. Regarding microeconomics, which of the following statement is correct?

A. Economic profit is less than production costs B. Accounting profit is greater than marketing costs C. Accounting profit is different from economic profit D. Accounting costs include opportunity costs

41. Which of the following eliminates incoming inspection of materials coming from a supplier to a buyer?

A. Early involvement of suppliers in product design B. Supplier certification methods C. Supplier reduction strategies D. Integrating suppliers

42. Which of the following represents the fixed costs associated with buying materials from suppliers, not including the costs of materials?

A. Carrying B. Quality C. Stock-out D. Ordering 43. Organizational controls affect which of the following? A. Risks and costs B. Fraud and audit C. Ethics, fraud, costs, audit, and risks D. Ethics and laws

44. What's the major requirement for low-context managers doing business in high-context cultures?

A. Patience B. Formality C. Promptness D. Flexibility

45. Which of the following provides a cross-functional training in preparing an employee for future job opportunities?

A. Delegation B. Mentoring C. Job rotation D. Coaching

46. The price per unit is $120 for JMO Manufacturing Company, its variable cost per unit is $80, and its fixed costs are $4,000. What is the breakeven point in units using the contribution margin method?

A. 100 B. 80 C. 40 D. 60

47. When defective or used finished products move from customers and producers to suppliers, it's called

A. push supply chain. B. reverse logistics. C. pull supply chain. D. forward logistics

48. What are the internal factors affecting job recruiting?

A. Supply of labor B. Demand for labor C. Legal considerations D. Promotion policies

49. Which of the following types of leaders strives to have no ego?

A. Interactive B. Virtual C. Servant D. Level 5

50. Which of the following defines how authority and power flows up and down the management hierarchy in an organization?

A. Chain-of-trust B. Chain-of-command C. Chain-of-custody D. Chain-of-control