1.	How does the term fluid mosaic describe the structure of the plasma membrane?
2.	Which parts of cells provide structure, support and movement? Provide details for a structure that provides structure, one that provides support, and another that provides movement.
3.	Describe the three different types of passive transport that enable materials to cross the cell membrane. Be sure to include examples for each type.
4.	Explain the steps of protein formation beginning with DNA and ending with the finished protein.
Explain how proteins help regulate the movement of material into and out of the cell.

You must answer all of them and each answer should be at least one-half page in length (~125 words), double-spaced. All five questions must be answered in full sentences. Please compose your answers with a word processor program and upload it as a single document. Your answers should include the reference citation for any sources that you use.

Additional Requirements 

Level of Detail: Only answer needed