1. For the gaseous reaction of carbon monoxide and chlorine to form phosgene, (COCl2), calculate each of the following: 
(a) Calculate S° at 298 K 
(b) Assuming that S° and H° change little with temperature, calculate G° at 601 K.

2. Does the reaction 3 NO(g) N2O(g) + NO2(g) occur spontaneously at 298 K and standard state conditions?
Calculate the value of capital deltaS°univ.

3. The formation constant for the following reaction is Kf = 5.6 10^8 at 25°C.
Ni2+(aq) + 6 NH3(aq) Ni(NH3)6^2+(aq)
-delta G^0 at this temperature = -49.9
(a) Determine G when [Ni(NH3)6^2+] = 0.011 M, [Ni2+] = 0.0016 M, and [NH3] = 0.0050 M.
(B) If these concentrations are mixed, in which direction will the reaction proceed to achieve equilibrium?

Additional Requirements 
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