1- Describe the blood components that working when…

1- Describe the blood components that working when you have infectious disease?
2- Describe osmotic pressure of blood (pages 117-18)
3. Describe the structure of a red blood cell and what is the role in the blood? pages 118-20).
4- What are the two main categories of white blood cells and what are phagocytes?
5. Which of the following is not a formed element of blood? a. Leucocyte b. Eosinophil. c. Fibrinogen .d. Platelets.
6- Describe three specific nutrients necessary for the body to form red blood cells? What are good food sources for these nutrients?
7. Megakaryocytes give rise to: a. basophils. b. lymphocytes. c. Monocytes. d. platelets.
8- List and describe three disorders involving the red blood cells? 
9.- In few words explain what occurs in hemolytic disease of the newborn? (pages 127-29)
10. What formed element is crucial to blood clotting? What other substances are necessary for clotting? (page 123)