07.05 Le Châtelier’s Principle: Research Assignment Details—Text Version

Le Châtelier’s Principle Research Project

Before You Begin: You may either copy and paste this document into a word processing program of your choice or print this page.


For this assignment you will research one of the equilibrium systems below, or one approved by your instructor, and prepare a presentation describing the system.

The Haber Process (or Haber-Bosch Process)
The Contact Process
The Ostwald Process
Begin by finding at least five different reliable sources of information about your chosen process. You may use textbooks, the Internet, or library books. These resources should be cited within your presentation and should be listed in a bibliography that is submitted with your project.

You have several choices regarding how you submit your research. If you have another method by which you would like to present your findings, please have it approved by your instructor before completing the presentation. No matter what presentation style you choose, be sure to use complete sentences and paragraphs, and include all of the necessary information and research required.

A formal research paper
A web page
A multimedia or slide-show presentation
A news article
Questions to Answer

Questions that should be answered by the content of your research project:

Describe the process you researched, including its uses in various industrial or health fields.
Who developed or discovered this process? When? What country was he or she from? (Provide this information if you can find it.)
Provide a short paragraph providing some historical background. Why is, or was, this an important chemical process?
Write a balanced chemical equation for this reaction, including the energy term. Is it an endothermic or exothermic reaction?
Use Le Châtelier’s principle to explain the conditions that favor the forward reaction.
Under what temperature, pressure, and other conditions is this reaction typically carried out? How does this relate to part of your answer for Question 3?
What safety, cost, or other considerations prevent most industrial applications from using the most ideal conditions for high yield of the product?
What catalyst, if any, is used for this reaction?

Additional Requirements 
Other Requirements: I would prefer a slide- show presentation on it because it is easier to do for you guys! thank you so much, this will make me graduate on time! please do the you can.