Descriptions of Major Projects
Composition Project 1: Literacy Narrative or Memoir
(Due end of week 4 or beginning of week 5)
With one of its major focuses on both textual and visual rhetoric, English 102 invites
you into an in-depth analysis of how text and image work together. In politics, product
advertising, education, business, and many other contexts, we see words, pictures, and
sound coming together in campaigns to send messages to their audiences. This first
project invites you to analyze an advertisement or a visual component of a campaign
that interests you. In this project, here are important steps to take:
1. Choose a visual.
2. Examine the key elements of the rhetorical situation: the communicator,
audience, message and purpose, context
3. Analyze the rhetorical strategies the visual is using to send its message
Your Audience
Your instructor and your peers are part of your audience. However, it is up to you to
decide who you want your audience to be, based on your purpose, message, and
Depending on your audience, purpose, message, and context, this composition may
take any one or a hybrid of textual forms: e.g., an opinion piece, a letter, a memo, a
report, a blog, etc.
• 750-1,000 words
• Proper documentation of sources (see The Purdue OWL,
At least one visual
At least one secondary (besides the ad itself)
At least one primary
As you draft and revise, utilize peer review feedback, instructor’s office hours, The
Drexel Writing Center, The English Language Center, and Language, Writing, and
Research Consultations.