Write a five- to eight-page paper on the pros and cons of an energy source that you believe has the most potential for widespread use as an alternative to fossil fuels for electricity generation.
Some suggestions include:
? Nuclear power
? Solar power
? Wind energy
? Geothermal energy
You are not limited to the above choices. There are other alternative and/or renewable fuels (hydropower, biomass, etc.).
The discussion should cover the following:
1. General discussion of your chosen energy source (how does it work?)
2. Pros and cons of its use and challenges that must be overcome
3. Economic considerations
4. Discussion of why the source(s) is the most reasonable alternative for widespread use
The paper should be in APA format and be five to eight pages in length (not including the title page, abstract, and references page). Must use at least 3 sources and be cited where they are used. No direct quotes, unless cited as well. 

Additional Requirements 
Min Pages: 5 
Max Pages: 8 
Level of Detail: Show all work