Women of Diversity Paper — 45 points

Write a 4-6-page paper on your topic, using at least 3 outside sources. (Although internet sites may be used, at least 2 sources MUST be scholarly, peer reviewed journal articles. You must include a reference page in APA format. Because each of you will be focusing on different types of women in sport, this project is designed to give you some flexibility as to the exact direction or approach you may wish to take. You do, however, need to:

1) Describe the group you are studying and provide research-based information supporting your claims.

2) Compare and contrast this group of women with at least one other group (e.g., their male counter-parts, Caucasian women, women during another time period, heterosexual women, another age group, etc.).

3) Explain how their experiences and/or opportunities differ.

4) Describe how, if at all, the popular media (e.g., magazines, newspapers, websites) portrays women from this group?

5) Explain how your research confirmed or changed your notions/beliefs prior to this project?

6) Other issues you may wish to include are discrimination, participation statistics, cultural or religious influences, historical background, etc. Guidelines:

• Papers must be submitted online (via the Dropbox on Beachboard in a Word doc OR PDF) as well as handed in by the assigned due date. Your paper will not be graded unless it has been turned in online.

• Creatively and uniquely title your paper.

• Papers must be typed (font size 10-12), STAPLED (3-pt deduction if not), double-spaced and have 1inch margins on all sides (i.e., top, bottom, right, left). In the upper right hand corner of the first page, be sure to include your name, the course number, class day/time, and date. Papers must include page numbers located in the lower right hand corner.

• As with any essay, begin with a general, introductory paragraph, and end with a concluding paragraph that adequately sums up your work or research

. • Papers will be graded according to both content and writing skills; therefore, be sure to proofread your work.

• Use APA style formatting for citing and referencing your sources. For assistance w/APA guidelines, go to the “Help with Research” section on the course Beachboard site. Note: you do not need to provide an abstract or title page.

• Attach this sheet to the end of your paper (hard copy only). CREATIVE Title: (2): _______ Writing Skills: Spelling, punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, smooth transitions Content: Analysis/critique, personal impact, thought-provoking, cultural components, compare and contrast with class material (15): _______