Nursing Program Application Essay

Why I Chose to Pursue Nursing Degree

My desire to pursue a nursing degree stems from my inborn empathy, the need to be helpful to others, and a clear vision of what I can do to improve people’s well-being. From an incredibly tender age, I knew I wanted to be part of the medical professionals to render quality healthcare and touch many people’s lives globally. I want to pursue a nursing degree to develop myself and develop a set of skills for serving the patient population. I also want to become a nurse since this will mark the start of my long and successful career in serving in the most challenging and rewarding medical career that grows continually with its endless opportunities in practice. Also, with the increasing co-morbid conditions, there is an increased demand for disease prevention, health awareness, and promotion. I want to become a nurse and join the medical staff dealing with the same. I want to be remembered as one of the medical professionals who worked tirelessly and did their best to improve patient outcomes during these challenging times. I believe a nursing degree program will be a crucial underpinning to realizing my ambitions.

Furthermore, I want to pursue a nursing program since I want to take on the challenges that come with the nursing job. While I know nursing is a challenging career, I firmly believe I possess the ability to significantly contribute to the stability and success of healthcare institutions and patients by helping them during their vulnerable times. I am a passionate, compassionate, persistent, and emotionally stable individual. I believe these values will serve me incredibly well in the nursing profession. I also wish to become a nurse due to the amazing rewards of this profession. One of the enormous benefits of selecting nursing as a specialty is the wide range of occupations available under the various categories of the nursing profession.

Why I would Like to Participate in the Baptism Health Nurse Scholars Program (BHNSP)

I wish to participate in the BHNSP so as to partake in clinical experiences with Baptism Health facilities. This experience will improve my skills to serve the patient population better and improve the patient quality of life. Through the experience, I will learn skills such as the ability to monitor and recognize changes in patient signs and symptoms and intervene in emergent circumstances, differentiate between abnormal and normal physical conditions, insights into analyzing the situation, foreseeing pathophysiological problems, and detecting status changes. Also, participating in the BHNSP will allow me to improve my knowledge and skills in managing and caring for patients with critical health conditions. Furthermore, I wish to participate in the baptism health nurse scholars’ program to be able to access free tutoring and lectures each month. This will allow me to focus on a specific subject and gain experience with a different kind of learning to potentially gain new skills and reach new confidence levels. Lastly, I wish to participate in the BHNSP so as to secure an employment opportunity with the Baptist Health facilities to help me reach the lives of as many people as possible and achieve my career goal of positively impacting lives.