Week 4 DQs-questions

Week 4 DQs-questions

Each question must be 250 or more words....



Related to TQM, Six Sigma, and other improvement processes...identify and discuss one organization who has used any of these methods to bring about improvement to their company. Please be as specific as you can, remembering to cite and reference information where applicable. Once a company has been discussed, please do not write about it again - choose another one. Thanks!


We're going to lean into some marketing principles for this question....Is it possible for an organization to avoid the eventual decline phase of a product or service?

Research, identify and discuss one company that was able to change or alter the decline phase of their product or service. The company may have changed their marketing approach, re-launched the specific product or brand, or did something in order to keep things going. As with other questions -- please scan the answers before you write your DQ so as NOT to repeat the same company multiple times.