Read the extract below and answer the questions that follow:

The water treatment quality improvement projects that you coordinate for the local municipality are not accredited with international quality standards. These projects are being funded by EnvironMend an international nature conservation company. You run the risk of losing future funding form EnvironMend if your project management systems and processes are not certified by ISO 9000 standards. Senior managers from the municipality are clueless about ISO 9000.

2.1 Draft a report to senior management explaining the following:

2.1.1 Define ISO 9000. (2)

2.1.2 Critically discuss the quality management principles of ISO Standards. (16)

2.1.3 How will ISO 9000 benefit the municipality? (2)


With the aid of graphs determine the types of variation possible in control charts.


4.1 Project quality management comprises of three main processes. Discuss each process briefly. (6) 4.2 Describe the cost of poor quality. (8)

4.3 Explain any three (3) quality planning tools and techniques (6)