Water moving through the hydrologic cycle

Subject: General Questions / General General Questions
Answer the following questions.

1. Give an example of water moving through the hydrologic cycle, including at least 4 of the various processes associated with the hydrologic cycle in your answer.

2. What is the primary cause of surface currents in the ocean?

3. What causes the movement of water in the global conveyor belt?

4. Define groundwater. What is the significance of the Ogallala aquifer?

5. How do porosity and permeability affect the flow of groundwater?

6. Define drought in your own words. Also, give at least two (2) examples of how a drought could affect you..

7. . Considering the state do the people of Nebraska need to be concerned about drought now? Explain your opinion.

8. Define the terms “air mass” and “front.”

9. Name and briefly describe the characteristics of the six (6) different types of air masses.

10. List the four types of fronts.

11. What causes fronts to develop within a midlatitude cyclone?

12. Why does an occluded front usually indicate the “death” of a midlatitude cyclone?…

13 Explain 5 differences between hurricanes and nor’easters.

14. What is the difference between thunder snow and lake-effect snow?

15 What are the three (3) main ingredients necessary for the formation of hurricanes? Describe the three (3) main parts of a hurricane.

16. How does a mesocyclone form?

17. Contrast the hazards associated with hurricanes to those associated with tornadoes.

18. What is meant by paleoclimatology?

19.Describe two of the four methods of studying paleoclimatology.

20.List six (6) of the eight (8) potential causes of long-term climate change.

21.What are Milankovitch cycles and in what ways might they help explain climate change?

22. List one (1) piece of evidence of current climate change in each of the following categories: Air Temperature, Oceans, Polar Regions, and Weather Patterns.

a) Research and explain where Omaha Nebraska gets its drinking water from. Do you think the drinking water comes from a sustainable source? Why or why not? Are there any other problems associated with your city’s drinking water? One paragraph or more if necessary

b) We often joke about how meteorology is the only profession where you can be wrong so frequently and remaining employed. Discuss your thoughts regarding the simplicity or complexity of weather forecasting, ? One paragraph or more if necessary

c) How can Hurricane Katrina be handled? What do you believe the situation should be handled? . Do you believe that we should evacuate the city completely? If so, where do you suggest we put the over the 1 million people who called New Orleans “home” prior to Hurricane Katrina and how do the residents of this extremely unhealthy city pay for such a relocation? Do you believe that we should build bigger and better levees to protect the residents of New Orleans? If so, who should pay to build and maintain these levees? Maybe you have another option one paragraph or more.

d) Climate types and global climate change. Explain at least two (2) ways that global climate change might affect you.


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