Question FolderWritten Assignment 1Instructions

Instructions: Locate an article describing the resolution of a recent business conflict. This article must be from a newspaper, academic journal, or credible online news source.

    Cite the complete and proper APA reference for the article(s).
    Use proper APA citations within the text as well as on a References page.
    Explain what is meant by "the costs of conflict"?
    From the viewpoint of the participants, what were the costs of this specific conflict?
    If resolved, what strategies were used in the resolution?
    If not resolved, what strategies would you recommend?

In responding, you must cite a minimum of three sources, one of which you identify as your key source for this recent business conflict. The other two sources support your discussion and responses to the assignment requirement

s. The sources must be a scholarly journal or credible news sources within the past 36 months.

Written Assignment 2

Instructions: You have been hired by the XYZ Company as a conflict-resolution consultant. The company has just taken on a global flavor through a merger with a foreign firm. In addition, they are experiencing an unusual number of employee grievances. HR has also noted an unusual number of interpersonal squabbles between co-workers, and a recent employee survey showed that many workers felt that there was inequitable treatment among the employees in their departments.

    What are the underlying sources of this conflict?
    What cultural or diversity issues may be contributing to the conflict?
    What additional information would you want to have to thoroughly address these problems?
    What method or system would you recommend to address these problems and why?

In responding, you must cite a minimum of three sources, one of which may be your course textbook. The others must be a scholarly journal or credible news source within the past 24 months.

HRMN 365: Final Written Project

In 2014, business and management professionals are concerned with the conflict that takes place in their organizations and its destructive potential - even though conflict can be positive and useful in some situations. There are numerous conflict issues in today's global workplace, especially with the current international economic situation. As a new business and/or HR Director, you have decided to start a new professional development and learning program for employees. You will be presenting different topics during noon lectures on issues that are relevant to your company or organization.

For the first lecture, you should select one of these topics and prepare a written report that will be distributed to everyone (25%).

Select any one of these topics for your Current Issues Report (CIR):

    Conflict management system design (also known as resolution system design) - approaches to the design of complaint-handling (grievance) systems that emphasize interest-based over rights-based dispute resolution.
    Managing conflict in healthcare organizations - the impact and forms of conflict in hospitals and other health care institutions.
    Conflict and disability management - management of conflicts that arise from employee disabilities and reasonable accommodation disputes.
    Conflict and its resolution in the construction industry - the impact of conflict and the role of mediation and other forms of dispute resolution among owners, contractors, subcontractors, architects, suppliers, lenders, insurance carriers, and bonding companies.
    Conflict and its resolution in the religious organizations - conflict within congregations and within church hierarchy.
    Conflict and its resolution in the real estate industry - the impact of conflict and methods of resolution of disputes among buyers, sellers, and agents.
    Conflict and its resolution in government organizations - the forms of conflict and methods of resolution in government organizations. Government organizations include DOD, military, and federal and state government.
    Conflict and its resolution in the financial industry - the forms of conflict and methods of resolution in financial organizations - the impact of conflict and methods of resolution of disputes among all parties.
    Other Conflict Issues - could be as applied to a particular situation, concern, or issue. (Ask permissions first)
    Conflict and its resolution in "my" particular company/industry - the forms and impact of conflict between managers and employees and among employees. Think about an organization with which you are currently associated. This company or organization can be the place where you work or any other organization such as a team, club, volunteer organization, etc. It must be an organization in which your involvement is significant enough to enable you to address the issues.