Travel Journal to Points of Interest in the Ancient World Base the answer around the Minoans civilization in Ancient Greece

Assume that we have developed instantaneous travel to any point on the globe! Select five pieces of art and/or architecture that you found personally the most interesting, appealing, or important. Select one image that represents one of the topics covered each week (total of five images).

You are going to create a travel journal and itinerary for other students who will travel with you to your points of interest.

Create a Power Point presentation of seven slides, an introduction, your five destinations, and a conclusion. On each slide include the image of the artwork or architecture, and the following information about the image:

Where it is located

What its name is

Period of time it was created

Three interesting points about the artwork/building W

hat people viewing this image can learn about the culture that created it?

Why you selected this image as your representation of the time period.