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Week 7 Assignment 2: Research Brief (Apple Inc.) for draft slides 1 and 2

For this assignment you will use Jack’s Five Slide Methodology to analyze the business environment and competition. Specifically, you will draft PowerPoint slides 1 and 2, and explain your rationale and research for each of these two in an accompanying research brief. Both the research brief and slides are submitted for this assignment, as separate attachments.

Write a 5-7 Page Research Brief. Analyze the business environment and competition for Apple Inc. using Jack’s Five Slide Methodology.

1. Slide 1 – “What does “the Playing Field” Look Like?

a. Who are the competitors in this business, large and small, new and old?

b. Who has what share, globally and in each market? Where do we fit in?

c. What are the characteristics of this business? Is it a commodity, high value, or somewhere in between? Is it long cycle or short? Where is it on the growth curve? What are the drivers of profitability?

d. What are the strengths and weaknesses of each competitor? How good are its products? How much does each one spend on research and development (R&D)? How big is each sales force? How performance-driven is each culture?

e. Who are this business’s main customers, and how do they buy?

2. Slide 2 – “What has the Competition Been Up To?”

a. What has each competitor done in the past year to change the playing field?

b. Has anyone introduced game-changing new products, new technologies, or a new distribution channel?

c. Are there any new entrants, and what have they been up to in the past year?

Power point slides: Draft Slides 1 and 2. Develop slide 1 and 2 for your final project.

1. Draft slide 1

a. Synthesize your market research to provide key, relevant bullet points from Slide 1.

2. Draft slide 2

a. Synthesize your market research to provide key, relevant bullet points from Slide 2.

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