DeVry MATH114 Week 1 Discussion Latest 2016 November
Exploring Factors (graded)

    Let's look more closely at the greatest common factor (GCF) of a problem. Apply your knowledge of GCFs (13.1) to simplify a problem presented by a classmate. You will need to factor the problem and post your simplified expression. Then, post another example for someone else to simplify. I will start the discussion with this expression.
    Simplify: 56×7 + 21×4 + 63×3
    I am looking forward to seeing your problem and simplified expressions. Don't forget to check that your classmate answered correctly.
    Each time you post, you should post a solution and a new problem for a classmate to solve. This keeps the discussion fresh and provides you with many solutions on the week's topics. Use these as references if you are stuck on a topic. Please don't everyone answer my original problem (this will get really boring!), but look at the bottom of the discussion for the latest one posted by a classmate and respond to it. Try this one or the original one to start you off and let's work from there. Remember, no repeats!



MATH114 Week 2 Discussion Latest 2016 November
Special Factors Techniques (graded)

    As you become more familiar with factoring, you will notice there are some factoring problems that follow specific patterns.These patterns are known as
        a difference of squares;
        a perfect square trinomial;
        a difference of cubes; and
        a sum of cubes.
    Choose one of the four forms above. In your own words, explain the pattern that allows you to recognize the binomial or trinomial as having special factors.Then provide an example of a binomial or trinomial expression that may be factored using the special technique you explained.