AL Pte Ltd is an accountancy firm which provides a variety of corporate taxation services to
companies in the public and private sector. Due to complex changes in the new economy, AL
Pte Ltd decided to do a thorough review of the job functions within the company to ensure
their relevance. One important task that has been identified is to conduct a job analysis for the
crucial position of Accounts Director, whose main responsibility is to supervise and manage a
team of accountants. AL Pte Ltd has engaged you as an organisational psychologist to
conduct a job analysis for this position. Compare and contrast Critical Incident Technique
(CIT), Functional Job Analysis (FJA) and Position Analysis Questionnaire (PAQ). Illustrate
and show how each method of job analysis can be used to conduct a job analysis for
Accounts Director, and justify which one – CIT, FJA or PAQ – is the best method that AL Pte
Ltd should use