This is just short answer 3 or 4 sentences per question.
1.Identify the Mattel company, it's primary products, markets, subsidiaries, risks, and any special highlights about your assigned corporation.
2.What is Mattel's current condition of the 'right-hand' side of the balance sheet in terms of total debt to total equity of the firm? In other words, provide and analyze the debt to equity ratio.
3.Skim through the firm's most recent annual report. What are your impressions on the company and report on at least one interesting finding from your examination of the annual report.
4.List some interesting financial facts about Mattel. This could be related to revenue, income, taxes paid, or any of the financial aspects.
5.Now compare what you now know to what you knew about the company prior to this research. Summarize the comparison in three to four sentences minimum.