Satish was a Sales Manager for Industrial Products Company

Satish was a Sales Manager for Industrial Products Company in City branch. A week back, he was elevated and moved to Head Office as Deputy Manager – Product Management for a division of items which he was not extremely acquainted with. Three days prior, the organization VP – Mr. George, gathered a meeting of all Product Managers. Satish's new supervisor (Product Manager Ketan) was not ready to go to because of some other distraction. Henceforth, the Marketing Director, Preet – requested that Satish go to the meeting as this would give him a presentation into his new part.

Toward the start of the meeting, Preet acquainted Satish quickly with the VP. The meeting began with a location from the VP and soon it got into a progression of inquiries from him to each Product Manager. George, obviously, was truly careful with each and every result of the organization and he was known not pushy and an obtuse veteran in the field. The vast majority of the Product Managers were clear of George's methods for working and had altogether arranged for the meeting and were providing for the point answers. George then began with Satish. Satish being new to the item, was very befuddled and fared pitiably. Preet instantly comprehended that George had conceivably neglected to recall that

Satish was new to the occupation. He considered interfering with George's scrutinizing and giving a discrete update that Satish was new. However, at that point, George who was entirely annoyed with the absence of arrangement by Satish put forth an open expression "Honorable men, you are seeing here an illustration of messy work and this can't be pardoned". Presently Preet was in two personalities – if he intrude on George and let him know that Satish is new in that position OR if he hold up till the end of the meeting and tell George secretly. Preet picked the second choice. Satish was unmistakably furious at the treatment allotted by George however he additionally kept mum. George immediately shut the meeting saying that he found as a rule, absence of arranging in the office and requested that Preet stay back in the space for further discourses. Before Preet could give any clarification on Satish, George asked him "Let me know straightforwardly, Preet, was I too harsh with that kid?" Preet said "Yes, you were. Truth be told, I was going to advise you that Satish is new to the employment". George clarified that the way that Satish was new to the employment didn't exactly enlist with him amid the meeting. George conceded that he had committed an error and requested that his secretary get Satish report to the room quickly. A bewildered and uneasy Satish answered to George's room following couple of minutes. George looking Satish straight at him said "I have accomplished something which I ought to have never at any point considered and I need to apologize to you. It is my misstep that I didn't remember that you were new to the occupation when I was addressing you". Satish was left puzzled. George proceeded with "I might want to state couple of things obviously to you. Your employment is to ensure that individuals like me and your managers don't settle on dumb choices. We have great trust in your capacities and that is the reason we have conveyed you to the Head Office. For everyone, time is required for learning. I will anticipate that you will know every one of the subtleties of your item in three months time. Until then you have my complete certainty". George shut the discussion with a major consoling handshake with Satish.


1. Is it safe to say that it was at all essential for George to apologize to such a lesser representative like Satish?

2. In the event that you were in Satish's place, how might you to react to George's conciliatory sentiment?

3. Was George right in saying that Satish is there to remedy the "imbecilic slip-up" of his supervisor and George?

4. Would you utilize George in your organization?

5. Did Preet commit an error by not mediating amid the meeting and right George's misinterpretation about Satish?

6. As a HR man, how might you characterize the character of George – tormenting yet later lamenting? Does his state of mind should be remedied?

7. Would you be upbeat to have George/Preet as your supervisor?