saint mba595 midterm exam

saint mba595 midterm exam

Question 1. Question : Using concepts from your text, outside sources and your own experience, create a definition of effective leadership. Are effective leaders born or made? Use the findings from trait and behavioral approaches to support your position.

Question 2. Question : Outline the similarities and differences between the trait and behavioral approaches to leadership. Looking back on both schools of thought, what conclusions can now be drawn about the effectiveness of each?

Question 3. Question : What do we know about Emotional Intelligence? Explain the relationship between Emotional Intelligence and leadership.

Question 4. Question : Explain why many leaders begin to see themselves as being above the rules that apply to the average person and how that contributes to the abuse of power. How does the business world continue to support excessive salaries and bonuses for business executives when they might not be deserved?

Question 5. Question : Describe the elements of Transformational Leadership. How is it different from Charismatic Leadership? Think of a leader that has had a strong impact on you, either personally or professionally. Would you describe them as having more transformational or more charismatic qualities (or, possibly, they were both or neither). Explain.