Saint Mba533 module 6 assignment

Saint Mba533 module 6 assignment

Briefly discuss what the major training methods encompass and discuss whether they work or not (any studies and/or evidence that they work).

ClickHEREfor the list of methods.

Major training methods:

1. On the job training

2. Case Methods

3. Role-Playing

4. In-Basket Tech

5. Management Games

6. Behavioral Modeling

7. Outdoor-Oriented Program

8. Coaching and counseling

9. Transitory Anticipatory Experiences

10.Transfers and Rotations

11.Lecture-Discussion Approaches

12.Computers, Virtual Reality Approaches and Distance Training

13.Goal Setting

14.Behavior Modification and


Be sure to cite appropriately (APA) and to include a bibliography. The paper should be approximately 3 pages long, double spaced.