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Term project

The Term Project is an applied and integrative case study scenario whereyou are aconsultanthired toadviseSaintLeoUniversityHospitalleadership on the development of a Disaster Preparedness and Response Plan.

Congratulations! You have been hired as a consultant to advise Saint Leo University Hospital leadership on the development of a Disaster Preparedness and Response Plan. Saint Leo University Hospital is currently under construction and will celebrate its grand opening twelve months from the beginning of this course. Among the many projects to be completed before the hospital welcomes its first patients is writing the Disaster Preparedness and Response Plan.

For this consultancy, select one of the following public health emergencies as the basis for formulating insights and recommendations to Saint Leo University Hospital leadership for its new Disaster Preparedness and Response Plan.

· Option 1: Hurricane

· Option 2: Toxic chemical emergency

· Option 3: Infectious disease outbreak (e.g., influenza pandemic)

· Option 4: Earthquake

The module-by-module instructions for the term project are as follows:

Module 1

· Step 1A: Review hospital disaster preparedness and response plans that you retrieve from the internet. Select and save 6-8 of the most applicable and comprehensive plans to serve as references in this term project. A sample keyword search using Google is:

hospital “disaster preparedness and response plan” filetype:pdf

· Step 1B: Write approximately 750 focused, clear, concise, convincing, well-structured, and individually-authored wordsexplaining how application of concepts in the Module 1 textbook chapters (e.g., complex systems thinking, organization theory and behavior, leadership theories and roles) informs the development, adoption, and eventual execution of Saint LeoUniversity Hospital’s Disaster Preparedness and Response Plan for the selected public health emergency. Apply and cite at least three references (e.g., disaster plans, scholarly articles) above and beyond the textbook.

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