1.1. Select what kind of research (exploratory, descriptive or causal study) fits with these research questions and explain why?.

1.2. Decide what methods (qualitative or quantitative) can help you to get the answer of the research questions.

1.3. Decide what kind of survey is appropriate to answer the research questions. Explain why? 
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Level of Detail: Show all work 
Other Requirements: REFERENCE
The president of a home healthcare services firm
Management Dilemma: The firm is experiencing an increasing number of complaints regarding health care service quality.
Management Problem: What can be done to improve service quality?
Research Questions: (1) Is there a real problem in the quality of service or is the ‘perceived’ quality of the service poor? (2) Which categories of health care services are generating the major portion of complaints? (3) What specific improvements can improve these services? (4) What may be expected as an outcome of the improvements?