Read the following hypothetical case and answer all questions according to US law.

You should answer with True / False or Multi Answers.

* Ali is a 55 year old man, married and has three sons. He owns a residential building in Makkah 250 m across the Haram. He is renting each unite in the building for 40.000 SR a year since 2005.

Q1: A residential building is a personal property. (True or False) Q2: A 25 year old women, Huda, wanted to rent a unit in the building; however, Ali rejected to do so.

In this scenario _______________ (0.5 mark)

a) Ali has the right to reject, as he is the owner.

b) Ali is prohibited to reject based on the Fair Housing Act.

c) Ali has no right to reject and Huda has the right to file a complaint.

d) Ali has no right to reject; however, Huda has no right to file a complaint

Q3: In 2009, Ali’s decided to transfer half of the property to his wife, so they own equal shears on the property. The transfer to the wife occurred without any consideration.

This is considers a ________________ (0.5 mark)

a) Involuntary transfer.

b) Voluntary transfer.

c) Gift.

d) Adverse Possession.

Q4: For Ali to lawfully transfer the property to his wife, the following are required: (0.5 mark)

a) Preparation and signing of deed, delivery of deed to the wife with intent of transferring ownership to her and deed filing.

b) Their sons’ acceptance.

c) The wife acceptance to possess and own property.

d) Delivery of consideration.

Q5: The building security gate has been damaged one month ago. Two days ago a tenant reported a theft of his car. Somebody stole a wallet from his car, and he assured that he was locking his car and securing the garage. Who is liable in this case? (0.5 mark)

a) Landlord because he did not keep the premise in reasonably safe condition, and there was a foreseeability of crime.

b) Tenant because he did not keep his car in reasonably safe condition.

c) Landlord as he is obligated to repair and keep common areas safe.

d) Tenant as he is obligated to repair the damaged gate and keep himself safe.

Q6: In 2015, the government acquired the ownership of Ali’s property to be used as Haram facility and compensated him. This is considered as: (0.5 mark)

a) Voluntary transfer of ownership.

b) Involuntary transfer of ownership.

c) Condemnation.

d) Adverse Possession.

Bonus Question (1 mark) If the same scenario of Q2 happened but the governing law was Saudi law, how would you answer the question? (any correct answer is acceptable)