Question 6 	
Define standard deviation 
A.A measure of how dispersed observations around the mean	
B.The square root of variance	
C.The amount of variation error in the data	
D.A & B above	

Question 7 	
A discrete random variable is: 
A.outcomes over a continuous range of real numbers 	
B.a numerical description of the outcome of an experiment for which the number of possible outcomes can be counted for which the number of possible outcomes can not be counted	

Question 8 	
Define probability distributions. Describe two common probability distributions. 
300 words 

Question 10 	
The most common probabilistic sampling approach is: 
A.simple random sampling	
B.convenient sampling	
C.complex sampling	
D.error sampling	

Question 21 	
Explain the concept of risk analysis. 

300 words 

Question 22 	
How do you compute return on investment?