Quality Assessment Project

Project Overview


For this project, you will identify an organization in your chosen field and conduct an analysis on the facility, process, or work flow of interest. You will choose three analytic tools among those introduced in this course (data summary, control chart, process capability analysis, pareto chart, scatter plot and correlation coefficient, and regression analysis) and use them to assess your process of interest. Before analysis, you have to identify the available data or gather your own data related to the process and check if your choice of analytic tool is compatible with the data.

Reference the Quality Assessment Scoring Guide [DOCX] Quality Assessment Scoring Guide [DOCX] – Alternative Formats  for grading details.

Getting Started


Examine your own job, workplace, local business, family business, or friend’s workplace and apply what you have learned in class to their problems and contexts. Reference the Course Schedule located in the Course Menu for project checkpoints. These checkpoints are not strict due dates, but do provide some structure to keep you on track. The checkpoints will also be indicated in the module. To assist you there is a Help Wanted Discussion where you can post questions to your instructor and peers.



  • Choose the process or work flow.
  • Gather data.
  • Choose analytic tools and conduct analysis.
  • Write a report using the outline provided below.

Suggested Outline of Report:


Use the following suggested outline to organize your report. You may have to rearrange the order depending on your analysis so create an outline that makes sense for your report.

  • Background (Introduction, Assessment Purpose, Context, and Setting)
  • Data Sources and Collection
  • Analysis Plan
  • Results and Interpretation
  • Conclusion (Discussion of Findings, Recommendations, and Conclusion)



Create and format your document in MS Word using the following guidelines:

  • The report should be 5-7 pages in length (roughly one page per section, depending on graphics and table, etc.) You should be able to discuss the analytic results and assess the process using a non-technical language; however, this does not mean to use informal language or slang — write in a formal tone, organizing content for flow, and check for proper grammar, sentence structure, and spelling.
  • 12-point, Times New Roman Font, with 1-inch margins, double-spaced
  • APA 6th edition formatting
  • Save the document as “Lastname_QualityAssessment.”
  • Submit your report as an attachment.