QMS Interview Assignment Instructions


As we learn about Quality Management Systems (QMSs), our ending class assignment will be a formal paper written in APA Style in Module 8. For this project and paper, you will find a business, agency, school, or healthcare facility in your region that has won an international, national or state level quality award, or holds an ISO 9001:2015 certification, or has an industry-specific quality management certification, such as an automotive or health care management certification. You can find Baldrige Award winners by searching their site by state. You will arrange to visit (in-person or virtual) the organization and interview someone in quality management (a quality management professional) and write a formal paper.

Overview of Project Tasks

Secure location and Quality Management personnel to interview.

Set date for interview.

Submit Proposal to professor.

Write questions and share with interviewee.

Arrive on time for conducting a professional interview.

Type up responses from interview and recording.

Write paper.

Submit paper.

Part 1: The Pre-Interview Proposal (Due in Module 2)

You will find the QM person to interview and secure their approval for an interview on their QMS. You must receive consent from the professor to move forward with the interview. NOTE: The sooner you conduct the interview, the more time you will have for transcribing the interview and writing your paper.


Write in formal writing style (no slang or informal language) in paragraph form, 1 inch margins, Times New Roman 12 font, double spaced.


In a Microsoft Word document, provide:

the name and title of the person you will be interviewing and date you secured their approval to interview

briefly introduce the facility include their name and location

explain why you chose such facility

explain which aspect of quality they excel (award?)

open- and closed-ended questions (if you have them completed)