You have been fortunate to get public internship for summer working with Marissa and the public relations agency handling the Microsoft account. Marissa wants to do something this summer as a social marketing project. Your first assignment is to think about various social marketing projects that Microsoft might be involved with and to look at what publics and communication tools might be used. Answer the following questions :
1) What social projects would fit best Microsoft in its northwestern United State location? Provide three ideas.
2) Who might be Microsoft's key external publics for one of these projects? 
3)what media would you want to use in these project?
4)What other communication tools might work well?

The local nonprofit blood bank has asked your university to prepare a public relation campaign for a university-wide blood drive next semester. The blood mobile will be on campus for donations one week next semester. The university had asked your chapter of Public relations Student Society of America to do a campaign. You have the responsibility for conducting the research prior to the development of the campaign . 
1) who are your target audiences ?
2) What preliminary research would you use?
3) what formal or systematic research techniques would you need to use ?
4) what kind if questions do you need to ask? 

Case 3
The River City Symphony board of directors decided to use the summer months to stimulate interest in the upcoming fall and winter concert series. They arranged for the symphony to present free open air concerts in several area parks to give a "back-to- the people" feeling to what had been considered a "highbrow" image. 
1. Change the image of the symphony to make ordinary people feel comfortable attending concerts.
2. Sell 25% more tickets.
3. Increase annual fund raising by $50000

1. Prepare a media campaign 
2. Develop an advertising campaign. 3. Encourage Volunteer Assistance.
4. Develop Informational Materials. 
Answer the following questions. 
1) What benchmark data would you use?
2) What would you measure in the preparation stage? The implementation phase? 
3) How would you prepare the evaluation section for the symphony's public relations plan?