These need to be thoughtful not copied of the internet if you don't have any project management experience don't just make up stuff needs to be insightful answers.
Short Answer- Project Management
1. Why is project implementation important to strategic planning?
2. Explain the interaction of technical and socio-cultural dimensions of project management. Are they related?
3. Why should organizations look at results besides ROI when selecting projects?
4. Discuss the pros and cons of the checklist versus the weighted factor method of selecting projects.
5. What are the conditions that would support a strong matrix organization for project management versus a dedicated team?
6. What are the important factors for successfully completing a project?
7. What questions does a project objective answer? What would be an example of a good project objective?
8. What are the key elements of a typical scope statement?
9. What are the major types of cost in a typical project? Which costs are controllable by the project manager?
10. Project risks can/cannot be eliminated if the project is carefully planned. Explain.