Project 4170

Project 4170

Project 4170

Business Plan for a New Hospice Program Service Line By Dr. Neil Dworkin

The challenge in this focused project is to consider what basic information should be included in the business plan of a skilled nursing facility’s decision to add a new hospice program service line

First step: Begin with a definition of a hospice (the product definition).

Second step: Identify issues to be addressed in the plan.

It might include:

    Will the service be delivered by the nursing home directly or contracted out (i.e., to a home care agency)?
    What are the relative costs of these two options, especially in regard to the staffing, equipment and training?
    How will the program be funded?
    Will there be an inpatient component? If so, where will the beds come from (i.e., conversion or new construction)?
    Which regulatory requirements are most germane to the program (i.e., Medicare and State)?
    How well does this business plan fit with the organizational mission, values and goals?
    Where does this program rank compared to other organizational priorities?

Required: Prepare a PowerPoint report that includes the hospice definition and the basic issues that should be addressed in the hospice program service line business plan. (Note: refer to Exhibit 23-2 “Basic Information for the Service or Equipment Description” as the guide to formulating a response.
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