Principles of Marketing

Assignment 1: LASA 2
Marketing Plan
Due Monday, March 20, 2017.
Throughout this class you have examined a product of the Waters Bottling Company and addressed market concepts/ theories that will play a role in the success or
failure of that given product. Throughout the earlier modules, you have been developing different aspects of a marketing plan for the WBC company.

In this assignment, you will work on the fifth and final section of the Marketing Plan for the product you have selected/ created. Use the guide to identify the
sections of the Marketing Plan and the marketing elements contained therein. This assignment will focus on Section 5– Personal Selling & Global Markets (Module 5). Be
concise but complete in your analysis of each plan element. Your employer wants to know you have left nothing out in your analysis.

Section 5 – Promotion Mix/ Personal Selling & Global Markets (Module 5 LASA 2)
Complete the following in MS Word:
Promotion Mix
Personal Selling
Sales Promotion
Direct Marketing
Public Relations
Brand Management
Branding Strategies
Emotional Branding
Brand Extension
Global Markets
Opportunities & Challenges
Executive Summary
Marketing Implementation & Evaluation
Careers in Marketing
Create a 4- to 6-page Word document for this Marketing Plan Section. Apply a standard business writing style using the Market Planning Guide sections as your (headers/
sub heads/ bullets) to your work. Be sure to cite your work in the APA format.
After completing Section 5, assemble and submit all of the sections into a single comprehensive Marketing Plan document. Include a Title Page, Executive Summary, Table
of Contents, and Appendix. Your Executive Summary should be compelling as you sum up the marketing elements that are the keys to the successful execution of this plan.
Careers in Marketing
List the sections of the marketing plan.
Identify possible careers associated for each section.
Select two of those career choices and discuss the skills required to secure these two positions.
Determine what steps you can take to develop those skills.
Be sure to provide supporting evidence for your statements. Remember to reference your sources of information.

Write your Careers in Marketing response in a minimum of 200–300 words. Apply a standard business writing style (headers/ sub heads/ bullets) to your work but be sure
to cite your work in the APA format.
Use the following file-naming convention: LastnameFirstInitial_M5_A1.doc. For example, if your name is John Smith, your document will be named SmithJ_M5_A1.doc.
Assignment 1 Grading Criteria
Maximum Points
Evaluate the Advertising media for your advertising campaign. Select a theme, analyze and select your media choices. Include your rationale for your media selection.
Discuss the role of Personal Selling for this product. Develop the elements of the typical Sales Cycle for this product.
Examine and select which of the Sales Promotions you will use for this product.
Select the Direct Marketing activities you will employ.
Identify the role of Public Relations and how it will be utilized to promote your product.
Describe the Branding Strategy you will use for your product.
Discuss how Emotional Branding will be used.
Explore possible Brand Extensions for the product.
Analyze the Global opportunities present for this product and the challenges it will face in the global market.
Create an Executive Summary to include the Marketing Implementations and Evaluations for a compelling finish to your Marketing Plan.
Assemble all revised Marketing Plan Sections into a single comprehensive document compete with Title Page, Table of Contents, and Appendix.
Include a “Careers in Marketing” section described above.
Written Components: Organization (16), Usage and Mechanics (16), APA Elements (24), and Style (4)