You are working for a consulting firm that helps new ventures launch. Your manager, Karl Mecklenberg, has asked you to work with the sales team to develop a presentation slideshow that will highlight the steps taken in the development of a new venture. You will turn in a minimum of a 12-page PowerPoint, complete with notes that describe this process.
You have a meeting scheduled with Craig Morton, Vice President of Sales, who will describe what the sales team requires for their presentation.

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Mr. Craig Morton, Vice President, Sales 
Activity or Assignment
As an expert in entrepreneurship, you will outline the process that one goes through to launch a new business.
As outlined in Week 2, you start with an idea and then assess its worth. Once you have an opportunity, you create a business model, develop a business plan, create a marketing strategy, develop a legal strategy, and assemble your team (Weeks 3–5). To finance this launch, you start with seed money and eventually (if successful) reach out to angel investors or venture capitalists (Weeks 6 and 7).
Be sure to highlight all of these areas and describe the process in each stage.

Your presentation of 10–12 slides that including a cover page will be used to promote your company as the right place to use to support entrepreneurial activity. The slideshow must be a professional presentation that is easy to read and follow. Use the notes section to describe each slide in greater detail.
To be successful, you should review each of the past weeks’ lectures and readings and bring in these academic sources to support your process presentation.