PP global leadership

PP global leadership

PP global leadership


For this assignment, imagine that you have been recruited for a mid-level leader position within a global organization. You have been through three rounds of intense interviews and have been invited back to make a last presentation to senior executive leadership. You have been directed to present your plan for ongoing leadership development. You must prepare a PowerPoint presentation and be prepared to talk about it for approximately 15–20 minutes. Note: You will not be expected to actually deliver an oral presentation for this assignment.


Create a PowerPoint presentation of 12–15 slides that clearly demonstrates your knowledge of the traits and characteristics of effective global leaders. Throughout your presentation, be sure you use the leadership theories you read about in this course to support your statements about and strategies for leading globally. The presentation should also outline your plan for ongoing leadership development.

Use the speaker notes area of each slide to expand your talking points. The speaker notes should contain 50–75 words per slide.

In your PowerPoint, include the following:

A title slide that includes your name, the course number, and the assignment title.
An introduction that analyzes the characteristics and responsibilities of effective global leaders.
In 1–2 slides, reflect on what it means to be an effective global leader. (This reflection may be based primarily on what you learned in Unit 1, but also from other units.)
In 1–2 slides, explain how the global leadership concerns for the future impact you, personally. (From Units 3, 4, and 5.)
Personal leadership competency: In 3–4 slides, analyze your personal level of leadership competency. I WILL DO THIS SECTION AS I HAVE THE INFORMATION, SO TECHNICALLY YOU WILL HAVE 11 SLIDES TO DO SINCE I AM DOING 4 FOR THIS CATEGORY
Use the results from the leadership assessments in Units 1–6.
Incorporate your assignment from Unit 2 and Gardner’s five minds. (I WILL DO THIS AS I HAVE THE PAPER FOR IT)
Identify your strengths and areas for improvement.
· Global leadership development: In 3–4 slides, analyze strategies and best practices for ongoing global leadership development.
Outline your actual leadership development plan to improve your competencies.
Explain how you plan to continue your leadership development.
Explain the types of training and development activities that will help you improve. (This should come from your weekly discussions.)
· A conclusion.
· A references slide that includes at least 10 resources. Follow APA guidelines for all citations and references.

Structure: Include a title slide and references slide.
Number of slides: 12–15, not including the title slide and references slide.
Number of resources: At least 10-within 5 years.
Formatting: APA format for citations and references.
Content: Appropriate use of speaker notes, including 50–75 words per slide.