Briefly answer the following homework questions on or before Sunday. Your Paper # 3 is also due on Sunday (submit it below).

    What is integrative bargaining? When does it occur?
    What are the five "buckets" in a bucket bargaining model?
    What are AWLMCs? Explain their activities.
    How do gain-sharing plans benefit both employers and employees?
    What are the three components of employee involvement and quality-of-work-life programs?
    Unions adopt one of five reactions to innovative workplace initiatives. What are they?
    Discuss the impact of workplace restructuring in the last twenty years.
    Do ESOPs, in themselves, improve productivity? Explain.
    What are the possible positions concerning individual rights under the contract?
    Supreme Court decisions on fair representation yield six principles. What are they?
    How does the steward's personality play a role in grievance resolution?