Please respond thoughtfully and in your own words to the following discussion questions. Number each question and be sure to back up statements of fact with cited sources. Your initial response should be at least 125 words (about one-half page). 

1.	Injections of TC cells completely removed all Hepatitis B viruses from infected mice, but the injections killed only 5% of the infected liver cells. Explain how TC cells cured the mice.
2.	A patient with AIDS has a low TH cell count. Why does this patient have trouble making antibodies? How does this patient make any antibodies?
3.	Newborns (under 1 year) who contract dengue fever have a higher chance of dying from it if their mothers had dengue fever prior to pregnancy. Explain why.
4.	A woman died from a Capnocytophaga bacterial infection introduced by a dog bite. Capnocytophaga kills only people who lack a spleen. What is the relationship between infection and the spleen?

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