PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING STORY AND FIND THE FOLLOWINGS: 1. RHEOTORICAL SITUATION 2. AUDIENCE, PURPOSE, TONE, GENRE, MEDIUM. 3. FINDING ADVERBS . MODIFY . EMPHASIZE . AMPLIFY . OR DOWN TONE THE VERB SENTENCES: CAN YOU FIND A SENTENCE THAT HAS A GOOD OPENING PHRASE OR WORDS? OR A SENTENCE THAT HAS A LOGICAL TRANSITION WORD CONECTING ONE IDEA, TO ANOTHER. How to present your review to your peer? One page entitle: my review FIRST PARAGRAPH . (PEERS NAME) I think your rhetorical situation was audience, tone, purpose, genre and medium. . I was able to find adverbs empowering your sentences. . I also found good transitional phrases. Second Paragraph . (YOUR PERSONAL MESSAGE TO THE PEER) Example: I love some of your writing effects. HOW TO PRESENTED TO THE INSTRUCTOR? . Cover Page: Running head: PEER REVIEW . (Use template) . Second page: Just attached a copy of the one you gave to your peer. . Following pages: Attached the pages your peer gave you for review.