The peace treaty of 1783 with England granted the United States

The peace treaty of 1783 with England granted the United States

1. The peace treaty of 1783 with England granted the United States all the land

A) drained by the St. Lawrence river. B) of the Oregon Territory. C) on the eastern bank of the St. Lawrence river. D) drained by rivers flowing into the Atlantic. E) west of the Mississippi river.

2. Both Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren

A) were unwilling to annex Texas. B) attempted to annex Texas. C) refused to recognize Texas. D) warned Mexico to leave Texas alone. E) were indifferent to annexing Texas.

3. During the Mexican War, what happened in the southwest?

A) General Taylor’s forces turned northward and attacked Mexican forces in California. B) American settlers seized Sonoma and established the Republic of California. C) General Stephen Kearny’s cavalry expedition from Fort Leavenworth was defeated and captured at the Battle of Santa Fe. D) A virtual civil war broke out between settlers favoring the United States and those supporting Mexico. E) The Mexican army easily defeated the initial efforts of a ragtag army of American settlers to create an independent California.

4. According to your text, for many Americans, the ultimate justification of Manifest Destiny and the Mexican War seemed to be the

A) prohibition on slavery in the territory gained from Mexico. B) recognition by Europeans that America was also an imperialistic power. C) discovery of gold in California in 1848. D) guarantee of a transcontinental railroad route through the territory conquered from Mexico. E) opening of Mexican markets to American businesses.

5. The part of the Compromise of 1850 which seems to indicate unscrupulous activities was

A) admitting California as a free state. B) taking over the debts of Texas. C) strengthening the fugitive slave law. D) abolishing the slave trade in the District of Columbia. E) taking over the debts of California.

6. Which of the following statements about slavery as an economic institution in the 1840s and 1850s is true?

A) The price of slaves rose dramatically from 1820. B) The domestic slave trade almost disappeared in these years. C) The slave trade had little impact on slaves’ lives. D) Ownership of slaves became more widespread than in 1820. E) The price of slaves fell dramatically after 1820.

7. The existence of what Southern institution explains why the South had few cities and little industry?

A) established religion B) patriarchal families C) slavery D) tenant farming E) sharecropping.

8. The development of the rich anthracite coal fields in Pennsylvania allowed

A) better utilization of water power. B) longer railroad lines to be built. C) canal transportation to compete with railroads. D) steamboats to travel on canals. E) greater flexibility in locating factories.

9. Clipper ships designed by Donald McKay were popular because they

A) carried bulky loads, the mainstay of commerce. B) were superior to British steamships. C) accelerated the trade in sperm oil. D) carried the mainstay of commerce, specialty goods. E) provided fast oceanic transportation.

10. Public aid for railroad financing before 1860

A) did not occur prior to the Civil War. B) paid for about three-fourths of all railroad constructions. C) was outlawed by Congress. D) took many forms including loans, investments, and special exemptions. E) was strongly resisted by almost all levels of government.
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