office memo

Detail ways that an office memo may be used in a law office as well as its importance throughout the litigation process.
    Provide the recommended format for a basic office legal memorandum. Explain how this differs from the complex office legal memorandum.
    List considerations when preparing the issue section of the memo.
    What are the checklist items to use when preparing the brief answer section?
    Explain why the facts section of the memo is of significant importance.
    Detail the process for presenting a case in the analysis section of an office memorandum.
    Detail the format of the analysis section of an office memorandum.
    Describe what should and should not be included in the conclusion section of an office memorandum.
    List four areas that may be addressed in the recommendations section.
    Explain why the counter analysis is placed after the application of the law to the facts in the recommended format of the office memorandum.
    Provide two considerations that should be kept in mind when presenting the rule of law.
    Describe the four considerations one should keep in mind when preparing the rule of law portion of the analysis section.