nursing curriculum

nursing curriculum

Nursing Curriculum:





The current nursing curriculum was designed to help in both the teaching and the practice of nurses. The curriculum aims at producing competent nurses who can serve diligently by emphasizing on practical teachings of the nursing students. The curriculum contains numerous practical lessons and sessions designed for the students. The practical lessons are meant to help the students acclimatize with the real-life work environments. Initially at the beginning of the semester, I had no idea about these practical sessions in the curriculum. I learnt about these practical lessons during the semester. I only knew of internship of the nursing students after some years of study. The nursing curriculum has made more knowledgeable about the nursing profession through its preference on teachings based on evidence.

The nursing curriculum examines the reforms in the health care sector and their possible impacts. It explores the effects of the health care reforms on the deliverance of heath care services. The Affordable Health Care Law will result to significant changes in the nursing and health sector in general. This law will not only affect the patients, but also the medical physicians like nurses. Examining the effects of this law is therefore paramount. It is necessary that nursing students are taught about the changes that will be caused by this law. For instance, one of the effects of the law is that it may lead to shortage of medical physicians due to the high number of patients who would seek attention. The nursing curriculum offers insight analysis of some of these effects to the nursing students. In this regard, my view of the curriculum has hugely changed as a current up to date curriculum. This is opposed to my previous view of the curriculum as a rigid, old document that is not in tandem with the current issues affecting the health sector.

The curriculum in addition, contains career guidelines in the nursing profession. The entry work level for nursing school graduates is well highlighted. This enlightens nursing students about the career issues in the profession. The curriculum also contains lessons on continuation of career and rising in career level in the nursing field. The curriculum therefore, meets the student’s career needs. These career guidelines are useful to the students as it enables students to examine their career prospects. Students can gauge themselves and their chances in succeeding in the nursing profession based on their examination results. This has helped me to change my perception of the nursing curriculum. At the beginning of the semester, I regarded the curriculum as designed to lock out students who score low marks. This is no longer the case at the moment as now regard the curriculum as one aimed to produce qualified and competent nurses.

My insight about the nursing curriculum will definitely change my contribution in the faculty. My understanding of the nursing curriculum will ensure that I perform to my level best. For instance, the career guidelines will be vital to me in my quest to improve my career. I will avoid mistakes like negligence and conform to the nursing ethics outlined in the curriculum. My insight and knowledge from the nursing school will enable me to contribute immensely in the faculty. My understanding of the reforms in the health care sector will help me to easily adapt to the changes in the sector. This will further increase my productivity in the sector.

The changes in the health care industry will affect the nursing curriculum in the future. This is because of the need of the nursing students to conform to the changes in the nursing sector. For instance, the number of people who visit the health care centers is expected to increase significantly. In this case, the nursing curriculum will have to establish solutions to manage the increase in patients.

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