Noaa Vs Nasa On Budget


The national oceans and atmospheric administration is one of the most fundamental and active research organizations in America. This is because it is dealing with the one thing that no organism likes when it is hurt: the environment. Oceans are the places where animals live where the atmosphere is inclusive of the weather and the reactions of Mother Nature (Cameron, 2013). There is still more to be done especially with the current changes in the climate due to global warming. Not only are temperatures expected to increase but there will be differences in the climatic conditions and natural occurrences. This means that all the climatic data that has been collected since the 19th century is slowly being rendered useless.

Natural occurrences lead to increase in the deaths of people and loss of property with billions not to mention limiting the opportunities. The events include increase in hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes and wind directions and patterns. This means that more investment by the government because it is not a matter o if it is a matter of when. More money will aid in conducting better and more reliable pattern of occurrences. For instance people will be warned about earthquakes and tsunamis days before and not twenty minutes before it happens ( Eilperin, 2013). People will know how to be protecting themselves from the changes in the weather conditions and wind patterns.

Currently $20 billion has been invested in NASA for a project to make rockets to find space bodies. This is not a guaranteed project and there are even claims that even after sending all that money it may be fruitless, yet the government is willing to spend the money to try and satisfy curiosity instead of protection life on earth ( Achenbach, 2013). Most of the space trials are made in the water and even at times on land. If the government does not fund the organization that ensures the atmosphere is predictable enough for practice, then there will be nowhere for NASA to spend their money.

NOAA is the unsung hero and even from their slogan it is not heard of by many people. this is because most people think that it is obvious and given that before the government does anything else it ensures that the organization meant to take care of the environment is good to go.


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