NIST Investigation on Collapse of WTC Building 7

The discussion around the official NIST investigation team on the WTC building 7 collapses shows their findings as emphasizing on the fact that the fires and plane crushes were the main cause for the collapse of the buildings. They continued further to explain that once the initiation of collapse had been initiated the global collapse of the structure was unavoidable. However other analysts have deferred with this notion and they have categorically stated that the NIST investigation was incorrect since in their report there was no explanation on how the total collapse of the building occurred. As a response to the criticism NIST tried to provide a more technically advance explanation of their initial proposed theory that explained the collapse of the towers initiation while completely trying to remove the fault from the construction of the buildings. In their report they stated that the impact from the planes dislodged the steels insulations, and due to this the steels succumbed to the extreme fires. Portions of the perimeter walls were then pulled by the sagging trusses which resulted in a rapid spread of the perimeters columns being unstable, and in addition contributed to the increased strain on the core columns which had already been weakened by the extreme fires, lastly the floors above the collapse zone produced a tremendous energy that eventually led to the global collapse of the structure.

With the above review of the NIST investigations final report it is clear that their analysis was not confined within the perimeters requirements of an engineering investigations since they exhibit exclusions and biasness on some of their research. Due to this their explanations that mostly revolve around probable collapse sequence do not address any of the relevant issues since it steers clear of the main topics while also stopping at the critical moment of the buildings collapsing, and with this the report avoids explaining the overlap with the time span in which the demolition-like features appear and the longer timeline of the truss-failure theory. Due to these loopholes within their explanations it is right to state that their theory help spark more questions and conspiracy theories on why the building collapsed rather than highlighting the facts like why the collapse had more characteristics of a controlled demolition which are not common in steel framed buildings as was the case of the WTC building 7.

NIST’s report on the event has been challenged as incorrect by many organizations that have viewed their explanations as eluding the truth of conspiracies and evident features of controlled demolitions in the buildings collapse; the independent organizations mainly challenge the NIST theory on its proposal of fire damage and crash effects as the main cause of the collapse, since they see no direct connection between the global collapse and the collapse initiation making the NIST report unrealistic. Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth is an example of organization that is critical of the NIST theory. In their counter argument they point out the fact that it is not possible for the WTC building to have fell at the accelerated speed that was observed without having had several of its columns that support the buildings structure being torn apart by using strategically placed explosives.

In order for the Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth to support their claim they used free fall acceleration point to mid-air pulverization of concrete and lateral ejection of steel during the buildings collapse as their main explanation basis. In addition their explanation continues to clarify that due to the absence of large deformations that often form gradually during a normal collapsing process it is clear that the building was without a doubt destroyed through controlled demolition and from this perspective, the fact that the three WTC buildings fell through what they term as the path which should have had greatest resistance further helps support their explanation of using controlled explosions to remove the critical columns which couldn’t have been achieved through the use of fire as a medium.

Lastly they states that the fact that the north tower’s top got blown outwards during the collapse left no other explanation for buildings collapse if not from a controlled demolition from the inside. Some other evidence that the organization presents to support their case is for example the found un-ignited nano-thermite which is known to be highly flammable and can be used also on explosives. According to my view the credibility of the Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth organizations should not be in question considering the lengths they have gone to uncover the truth, i honestly think their voices should be heard since they might be on to some truth that others would want overlooked.