New Hope Of Mangum

New Hope Of Mangum

New Hope Of Mangum is a website belonging to the New Hope of Mangum, a chemical dependency reform centre. The New Hope of Magnum is a website that highlights the services offered at the center, which has the mandate of dealing with cases of drug and substance dependency. It has links to other information but on the home page the information availed is that of the mission statement and the vision. Links of the website include that of philosophy & services that the facility offers to the individuals admitted there. Treatment, admission, satellite clinics, resources, and contacts are some of the information available at the website (New Hope of Mangum, 2012). While navigating through the website, there are pictures of the facility that allow interested parties to have experience or evaluate the facilities of the center. This paper concentrates on the website majoring on the merits, limitations and the relevance of the website.

The website boosts major strengths. One of the advantages of the website is that it is quite resourceful. Once an individual accesses the website, there are able to access contact information, a brief history of the centre, its location, and other information. The link on treatment gives interested parties on various modes of treatments available at the facility. It is in accordance to this that this website is superior to some of the competitors. Not only does an individual acquire information on treatment from the webpage but also admission details by following the admissions link. On the issue of information, the site offers the much-needed resource to an individual that is seeking to have services at the centre or has relatives that require the services. Accordingly, the strength of the website is that it is resourceful and provides vital information.

Although the webpage has its strengths, it also has some limitations. The webpage eloquent demerit is lack of events or a calendar. It is essential that visitors to the website have a event/calendar that informs the interested parties of the ongoing of New Hope of Magnum. Lack of such crucial information is a setback to the organization. On the other hand, the company lacks faces. That is, there is no message from the authorities of the facility nor are there faces of stakeholders of the organization. It is important that the website have individuals that are currently receiving treatment at the facilities and the psychiatrists that are treating them. It is hence necessary to upgrade the website to include individuals benefiting from the facility.

New Hope of Mangum is a drug and substance dependency facility located in Mangum, Oklahoma in the United States of America. The mission statement of the organization according to its website is that of offering chemical dependency treatment services at affordable prices in an environment that is habitable and luxurious (New Hope of Mangum, 2012). It has a website that has the mandate of not only providing information to the world but also marketing the organization. On one hand, the website is resource in that it offers the much-needed information to the world thereby informing the globe and marketing the company on that platform too. On the other hand, the organization does not have an events calendar on their website meaning that stakeholders are not able to follow the proceedings of the company. It also lacks personalities that will adorn the facility a face. Accordingly, while the company boosts strengths it also has its limitations.


New Hope of Mangum has its headquarters in Mangum, Oklahoma in the United States of America but has satellite clinics in other states.

Calendar or events tab has the application of indicating to interested parties what is going on at the center.

Webpage is a page in a given website.

Competitive advantage is a superior characteristic that a given company will have over other companies.


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