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The primary considerations would be the size of the patient and employee data since the size of the patients will have increased, the storage will have to be considered. The activities will also increase so the servers speed will be a critical consideration so to avoid speed decrease (Ciccarelli, 2004). The network capacity will have increased in size and so the changes to accommodate this should be considered. Since Western Arizona Thoracic Hospital is distant, there will be primary consideration of wireless connectivity and this entails wireless devices and also considers necessary configurations

Security for the wireless connection will be a factor to be considered because wireless networks are vulnerable to external attacks and patient information should be secured.Wpa psk will be enough to start and this will safeguard this network and will be monitored by an administrator (Barrie, 2009).

The billing domain will be combined to one unit, for simplicity of monitoring billing information. WATCH internet site. The existing domain structure will have to change. For easier management of employee data, the WATCH website will be hosted by the apache SGH internet web server .This will enable employee information to be updated quickly and easily.

The patient records domain that exists in WATCH is sufficient to hold the patients records combined for both hospitals. This will require no change and so it will be integrated and will hold the records for both hospitals. The billing domain will remain intact but it will be hosted by the internet apache web server (Ciccarelli, 2004). This will enable the employees to access the billing information from both hospitals. This is because billing information applies for both hospitals and will be frequently accessed.60 client computers will suffice.

The WATCH Linux dns servers will be hosted by one of the Linux boxes at SGH hospital. This will simplify the network and minimize the amount of network devices that are used. The apache web server will host the employee information because there is a higher level of safety through authentication when hosting in intranet compared to internet.

The nursing domain will still remain intact because it is fundamentally important to host information regarding one hospital separate from the other (Barrie, 2009). This will help to keep track of this employee records in the hospitals and furthermore, these records will be more accessed in the hospitals concerned.

The admin domain will be hosted by the internet apache web server because it will assist the network administrators monitor and make changes to the websites, and also login to the intranet. The administrators can update the employee data; manage all servers from one centralized location (Ciccarelli, 2004). The internet will be hosted by the single apache internet web server, because it will minimize the troubleshooting process and also minimize the potential occurrence of networking problems.

The print server at WATCH will be hosted by the intranet apache web server because it is used only on the inside of the company. The book keeping domain will be hosted by the apache intranet web server since there is no need to host under the internet apache web server and also this confidential information that needs some level of security, so it will be hosted on the intranet where only authorized personnel are allowed, and also it can be accessed remotely and hence minimize the effort required to access it.

For authentication, the wireless network will be secured by WPA psk since some network devices are connected to internet devices like the apache web server for the internet.


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