MKT 447 Final Exam

MKT 447 Final Exam

MKT 447 Final Exam

1. As a consumer you are exposed to hundreds and maybe even thousands of commercial messages every day. These messages may appear in the mass media, as even sponsorships, telemarketing calls, or even as e-mails. The correct term for all these commercial messages is:

A. advertising

B. marketing communications

C. sales promotions

D. image advertising

2. Which of the following is the best example of a tangible good?

A. gold lessons

B. a church service where music-ministry is the primary theme

C. olive oil from Italy

D. an accountant's tax preparation business

3. In commercials for Wal-Mart, satisfied customers explain why they like to shop at the retail store. The people in these commercials describe how Wal-Mart provides a one-stop shopping place for them and how they like saving time as well as money by shopping at Wal-Mart. In terms of the message dimensions, the Wal-Mart ad is an example of a(n) _______message.

A. autobiographical

B. drama

C. demonstrative

D. narrative

4. The magazine Fancy Cats is designed to satisfy the needs of cat lovers who want to learn how to better care for their cats. Cat lovers are the magazine's:

A. exchange source

B. target market

C. retail audience

D. product segment

5. One of the most basic functions of _____is to identify products and their source and to differentiate them from others.

6. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, a growing affluence and sophistication of the consuming public characterized the marketing world of this time period. This trend was led by:

7. It is no longer enough in marketing and advertising to just produce outstanding products and commercials. Marketers must use_____, which is a merging of all their marketing communications with everything else they do.

8. For manufacturers, the best way to beat the competition is to:

9. When the city of Pensacola, Florida, advertises itself as "the perfectplace for the perfect Florida vacation", it is using:

10. Revlon funds the Revlon/UCLA Women's Cancer Research Program. In addition, the cosmetics company supports the National Women's Cancer Research Alliance and the National Breast Cancer Coalition. Revlon is committing to helping women get healthy and stay that way and is thusly:

11. In advertising business has evolved into four distinct groups which are:

12. After almost twenty years of operation, Fenton Hardware is going out of business because it can no longer compete with the national chain do-it-yourself stores. What kind of advertising will its owner most likely use to get rid of the last of the store's inventory?

13. Assume the Ralph Lauren Home Collection sends a ready-made advertisement to a regional magazine published in Alabama, and the magazine publisher inserts the name, address, and phone number of a local department store chain that carries the bed linens, glassware, and dinnerware. Ralph Lauren pays 75 percent of the cost of running the ad. The department store pays the other 25 percent. This is an example of:

14. Most advertisers break into international marketing by:

15. When the advertising agency of Guinn & Haskian purchased a large amount of television time for its customers' commercials from WSM-TV, the agency received 15 percent of the gross amount charged by the TV station. The 15 percent:

16. Niagara makes a non-starch spray for easy ironing of soft knots and washable silks. The ad says the non-starch spray is "for clothes that feel as good as they look." Niagara is using _____segmentation

17. Home builders are using segmentation to target people over 55 with homes that have wheelchair-friendly door widths, lever door handles, roll-out shelves, raised toilets, and direct 911 wiring.

18. Sears places a great emphasis on researching and then designing products for males between the ages of 25-50 who love to work with their hands and enjoy home-oriented projects. Sears would classify these men as a :

19. Potato chips are in the ____of their product life cycle. The market is saturated with different products. To extend this stage, Frito-Lay has introduced WOW!, a line of fat-free chips, plus a variety of different flavored potato chips.

20. The manufacturer of French's mustard is considering marketing a ranch-flavored mustard. Its first step in the research process would be to:

21. Jiffy Lube is interested in collecting secondary information about peak days of patronage for those customers that were primarily interested in an oil change and lube job only. Which of the following sources would be the best avenue for the organization to follow?

22. If a marketing researcher is trying to get hard numbers to make a difficult decision, which of the following types of research would most likely produce the results that the researcher is looking for?

23. Leah Gomez has brought ten fashion innovators together to discuss "the look" that will be "in" this year. Gomez wants a freewheeling discussion that will examine clothes, makeup, and combinations of jewelry and clothing. Everyone will be able to share experiences and, hopefully, true feelings. Which of the following research techniques is Gomez using to conduct her research?

24. The written marketing plan must reflect the goals of top management and:

25. There are a number of over-the-counter dietary supplements on the market. Ginkoba advertises itself to baby boomers as a memory aid. Before adopting this strategy, the supplement's manufacturer had to first examine the wants of the market and the positions of its competitors and then decide on the competitive position it wants to occupy.

26. An ad for DeBeers encourages readers to call a toll-free number to receive a portfolio of award-winning diamond designs or contact the company's website at According to the advertising pyramid, the purpose of this advertisement is:

27. _____is the process that directs the advertising message to the right people at the right place at the right time.

28. Cardinal Hill makes redwood furniture for gardens. The company uses classified advertising to encourage potential customers to request its latest catalog. When these requests are received, the catalogs are sent and the prospects' names are entered into the company's database for possible sale of garden furniture. Cardinal Hill is using:

29. AT&T monitors an Web sites in which it is mentioned. Some of these Web sites do contain communications that are malicious, and some of their information is wrong. When such a site is discovered, AT&T has its_____personnel respond to set the record straight without using legal jargon or highly technical communication.

30. Who is responsible for writing the words in an ad for new campaign for Purina Fit & Trim dog food?

31. As a graphic designer, Nicole has been asked to create a series of posters, which will be sued to promote American Red Cross blood drives. The posters will support an ad campaign. The posters that Nicole is responsible for creating are correctly called:

32. Why is radio the least expensive electronic medium on which to produce an ad?

33. The reach of magazines: