MGT 538 Final Exam

MGT 538 Final Exam

MGT 538 Final Exam

1) Experts suggest that firms that want to globalize through e-commerce must first localize, which means that firms need to

2) Which of the following behaviors is inconsistent with Casse's profile of successful American negotiators?

3) Dell most likely offshores product support service jobs to India because of the

4) In the context of doing business in Asia, what is meant by the phrase "the contract is in the relationship, not on the paper"?

5) The ________ model of leadership style has been recommended by American research studies as one more likely to have positive results with American employees.

6) Which of the following is a similarity between the negotiation styles of both North Americans and Latin Americans?

7) Arab negotiators will most likely make concessions because of their interest in

8) According to research, what is the most significant monetary benefit for firms that implement corporate social responsibility?

9) Which of the following statements about the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) is NOT true?

10) John Smith travels back and forth between the United States and Saudi Arabia as an international manager. On John's most recent trip to Saudi Arabia, he presents his business associate, Tariq Ahmed, with a silk scarf. MGT 538 Final Exam Answer. The scarf is intended as a gift for Tariq's wife. John's actions will most likely be viewed by Tariq as

11) Stereotyping should most likely be avoided by international managers because

12) Sweden barring airlines from transmitting passenger information most likely illustrates the

13) Which of the following is the primary reason for ineffective cross-cultural business negotiations?

14) Most small and medium-sized enterprises are

15) What is the best method for avoiding miscommunications?

16) Problems associated with cross-cultural negotiations and decision making styles are the primary reasons for

17) Which of the following significantly increases the complexity of corporate social responsibility for MNCs?

18) Primo is a multinational enterprise based in California that manufactures and sells affordably priced athletic shoes in retail stores around the world. A Primo manufacturing subsidiary in China employs over 20,000 locals. Primo executives recently learned of human rights violations at the firm's China subsidiary. Workers had been forced to work more than 60 hours each week, and minimum wage laws were regularly ignored. As a result, Primo executives need to decide whether to continue operations in China. Which of the following, if true, would best support a decision by Primo to remain in China?

19) Which of the following is a common Chinese tactic used during negotiations with Americans?

20) What is the most likely reason that over half of the Saudi workforce consists of foreigners?

21) A French businessman has a meeting scheduled with a Brazilian businessman to negotiate terms of a joint venture. The Frenchman prepares for the meeting in the way he always does when negotiating with French firms. The Frenchman assumes that the Brazilian will perceive and reason the way he does. Which of the following terms best describes the Frenchman's mistake?

22) Which of the following best explains why Avon expanded to the international market?

23) John is an American manager working at his firm's subsidiary in Indonesia. A local government official tells John that materials could be delivered to the firm's facility more quickly if John pays an extra fee to the port supervisor. What should be John's first action?

24) An international manager can best develop an understanding of a particular culture by

25) Tom manages a U.S. pharmaceutical subsidiary located in Ireland. In order to communicate effectively with Irish employees, Tom should most likely

26) Which of the following is a typical value in U.S. culture?

27) A person working in a high-contact culture will most likely experience which of the following?

28) How will negotiators most likely benefit from exhibiting an understanding of the opponents' viewpoints during presentations?

29) Contingency theory proposes that the best organizational structure is that which

30) Trust most likely improves cross-cultural communication by